Wines in the spotlight

Enoteca Per Bacco has become Per Bacco online where you can find (again) some of the Italian and French wines I used to sell when I had my shop in the centre of Tervuren, but also seasonal opportunities. Here are a few top selling wines of the shop. They are immediately available from the webshop. For other wines, check the “News” section and contact me via de contact page,  per e-mail or call me.


Prosecco Bosco del Merlo D.O.C.

Prosecco Brut Millesimato.

This is a great prosecco also available in a very pretty bottle. It is both brut and a vintage Prosecco. Prosecco is the most popular “spumante” in Italy. It comes from the glera grape planted in a microclimate in the north of the city of Treviso (Veneto).

It evokes fresh almonds.

As an aperitif.

Bosco del Merlo, Brut Rosato

If Prosecco existed in rosé, it would be this one. A real Pinot Noir from the Valdobiadene region. Beautiful pale rosé colour, under a fine and persistent foam. The fresh scent of red berries is very pleasant.

Aperitifs, seafood cuisine with a preference for Mediterranean dishes.

A red wine from Veneto, the Neropasso.

Neropasso is a red wine from the Veneto (IGT Veneto). This Neropasso is the result of a centuries-old process ofappasimiento in which the grapes are partially dried in ventilated attic rooms. In this way they lose about 30% of their moisture. After pressing, this process ensures a greater concentration of the aromas that contribute to the typical character of this wine.

Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Corvina, Corvinone

How to order your wines?

Please place your order through the webshop, by phone (+32 477 44 78 51) or by email ( You can also fill in the contact form.

Other wines are available upon request. The wines are being sold by boxes of 6 or 12 bottles. Home delivery is possible. We can also arrange a collection point in Tervuren.

On the News page you will find a list of single bottles for sales and seasonal wine  opportunities.